The long awaited season of KOMIZZLE.tv is here now and ready to give KOLIZION fans the dose of entertainment that they’ve been looking for!! “

KOMANE aka KOMIZZLE has been on the grind for quite some time, and thankfully KOLIZION VISION films has always been right ther along the journey to highlight and visualize just some of the experiences in the night life of KOLIZION ENTERTAINMENT. Like we always said, its a movement and a lifestyle s

o we are definetly in it for the long haul. WIth all that being said , lets dive into some episodes of Komizzle.tv with the new season kicking off this summer ! But dont be afraid to back track and binge on all the previous adventures that introduce people like : STAKKTIVITY (HYDRO & AKKTIV) , my guy Pfunk, REMAIN, CO, KOLIZION , CIPH , The Animals, Full FLedge Ent and many others.. TUNE IN and Be sure to subscribe to the channel , Like, Share and COmment THANKS …. >>>>>>>>