TO jump off 2021, Kolizion ENT in association with DENVER ROE and

Player Tactics Promotions, decided to hit the ground running, and really get out and touch the people… We all know that 2020 was a rough one, time goes…


500K is sent out by Komane

“blazing that Oooweeee (which is the urban anthem by Kolizion, and also a name synonymous with fire cannabis) ”

Mr.Komizzle comes down with a microphone in one hand and a stack of extra crispy$100 a($2 bills) puffing at the Heatlabs…



Colombian Pablo Escobar was hailed in the 1980’s as one of the largest kingpins in the world.  At the height of his empire, the net worth of the corporation was over billions of dollars and he controlled the supply in…


CHINA: (made in china) COVID

Its been reported and nowconfirmed by Presisdent Donald Trump that the deadly pandemic called COVID-19 was manufactured and imported from China. And it is no secret that the area has been associated with viruses and global pandemics before, that…


#MIAMI & #manefactor

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl in Miami was alot of fun, with the celebrities and athletes and entertainers all gathered in one place to celebrate “the BIG GAme”.

So this year, Komizzle and crew went to sunny 305 (which…



MONEY Talks! And Komane was always known to express himself , financially speaking , whether its spitting game or just speaking it into the atmosphere.

So it is to no suprise that the skilled mc continues the theme from the…


Its 5 O’Clock

What do you get from pairing TrunkBoy (the producer) with a the theme from one of the most popular shows on primetime television (law & Order) and Komizzle (the reporter) on the one’s and two’s giving you detailed information, lyrically?


‘Suggestion’ was made by Komane …….”

When the word was given to execute and vibe out on a Jay Boose production, the artist Komizzle steps up and gives us a SUGGESTION.

Ok , thats the new title of the upcoming single that’s heating up the charts…


“Lil Fish” is the next wave!!!

kOMIZZLe is known for delivering heat when under pressure, and when laced with a track produced by Liquid Sounds Records, the seasoned MC had no choice but to showcase why he is #Manefactor…

Fast forward to 2019
K in stores…