Our Story

KOLIZION ENT LLC was officially formed in 2014 becoming an independent entity in the music game. Originally serving a variety of roles in Promotion tours and bringing artists together, providing entertainment and production both musically and visually. 

KOLIZION ENT is the label

Komane aka  KOMIZZZLE  an underground staple in the game known as #Manefactor, true lyricist and hip hop performer. Komane has worked with several national and local artists, touring with LIL FLIP , Young Bleed , Dorrough, AfroMan and also recorded with artists like SPICE 1, Killa Tay and many artists in the region. Seasoned veteran and has become a networking and marketing affiliate with different movements.


 This department handles the marketing and promotion for the various campaigns ran by Kolizion Ent and other affiliate companies. Artist development, finding sponsorships, and collaborating with other managers are just some of the duties that  PTP is responsible for.  


The group kolizion started with Covelli aka Co and Komizzle linked up with Remain the Silencer , and began recording the classic debut SPLIT Decizion at Record Boy studios. Komizzle was just released from the independent label Gametight records and wanted to start his own label , thus creating Kolizion Entertainment. The trio grinded thru out the region performing and selling copies of their CD and generating new fans along the way .

When tragedy strikes the crews structure was affected and fellow member Co was sentenced to do time for a serious charge, so when u hear komizzle chanting FREE. CO!  This is who it is referring to.

But nevertheless Komizzle had to keep them flames lit and keep the movement going strong by creating a series of mix tapes Cash flow , Cashflow 2.00910, Cashflow 3 and recently Cashflow vol. 4: Invisible Trail.  Remain the Silencer also makes various appearances through out the process to showcase that raw Kolizion energy.  (RIP to REMAIN )   who passed in 2023 , he was a major force behind our movement, always contributed prowess lyrical skills and a real hiphop creator in every sense!   LL SILENCER

(Key DISCLOSURE:   There is another group online with the name Kolizion, but we were the original )



CASHFLOW 4 #IT(invisble trail)No Way But Up  - the motto, movement #NWBU was enacted... " Started from zero so it ain't no way but up"/as quoted by the MC , komizzle started gaining momentum and respect for being a lyrical force and authentic presence in the underground rap game.

NO WAY BUT UP --->>>>>>>CD

Soon the artist begin collaboration with other successful west Coast and Bay Area legends like Spice 1 , Killa Tay, CBO, and Marvaless and further solidifying his abilities.                                                                                                                                          

#Manefactor album was released and showcased Komanes growth and business mind starring in documentaries and films under the new brand Kolizion Vision Films    the project Manefactor  and Manefactor 2: Now or Never gives a insight on this shift   MANEFACTOR 2




Breaking Newz .... Here is the link to brand new Komizzle album...


Now we got newmusic , as usual , for the fans ,like the link above we are on IHEART radio so listen and download 

,plenty of videos and more merchandise... look at the new videos on our page  Komane Komizzle on youtube,,   or @komizzle on all social media platforms ....  #nwbu    #manefactor 

SILENTVOICES movement is a non profit movement focused on Mental Health and helping others build on their financial future. Contact BLESSUPKINFOLK @ GMAIL.com