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REMIXED & Mastered versions of exclusive songs 

The EP consists of remixed versions of select songs like:



Fun & Games

Money Dance feat. CityboyChop (brand new track)

Ahead of my Time feat. B-sharp

My guy Dutch Cargo shows his production and engineering skills, putting in quality work and adjustments to vocals and pitches. These songs sound 100% crisper, more clarity and just a louder fresher sound, really adds value to Komane’s delivery. Fans will appreciate the singles as they provide a universal appeal to the MCs already popular flow and style. Peep out Matrix, a song prooduced by Twan the Beatmaker and covers the topic of dealing with everyday struggles in this new field on different levels. Be sure to like and subscribe, and feel free to leave a comment about your opinion of the new sound..


LOW SODIUM (video) filmed in PR 

Low Sodium I got the flow the podium, hold up for him , dont like it and I wont vote for them. For my seeds I savor hope for them, No pressure so I wont smoke with them, Cooking for my fans, I got sum mo for them!” #MANEFACTOR

The simple yet impactful lyrical phrases in the chorus of the song explains the whole vibe, and Komizzle travels to Puerto Rico to film the visual to bring the song to life. Old San Juan is a special travel destination and one of the MCs favorite spot to enjoy the weather, lifestyle and culture in the tropical island. Fimed on location , Kolizion Vision Films creates another experience and captures it in this visual for LOW SODIUM from the upcoming #manefactor 3 project! https://youtu.be/I8yl5lnM_-0


Kolizion : Split Decizion album turns 20! 


When the trio formed in the millennial years of y2k they didnt realize the impact that this project would have on the hiphop community or just the lives of others who listened to the masterpiece. Komane just leaving from a label called Gametight records formed the newly acquired Kolizion Ent… And the group Kolizion was the labels first acts. Consisting of 918 born and bred, Covelli or Co’d LIFe..who is actually cousin to komizzle.. Remain also known as Gutta was the third member. Also to be mentioned is Tbeats who was instrumental in shaping the production. Record boy studios was a staple recordimg spot who had musicians like Spyda and Tapwater and MD that molded this project into a instant classic. With songs like No question” and FOLD the group shows their lyrical dexterity that still stands the test of time. The title track Split Decizion goes hard as well! To learn more about the group and the story behind their lives and careers just go to the bio for more info..

This album was released on october 31 2002

And has sold over 20K units and physical copies




#manefactor and Kolizion Entertainment linked up with the hustla, Lil DAVID of DENVER ROE promotions , also affiliated with the movement MONEY WAVE EMPIRE who brought several artists to the table to showcase some real dope talent! Many artists drove from as far as Tulsa , Oklahoma City , West and East Texas to show up for this 3-night event that took place in South Dallas.

Nothing but flavor! Komane performs brand new tracks > LOW SODIUM & TRACK & FIELD

“Good vibe, responsive and supportive crowd… definetly a great show! ” #manefactor

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https://youtu.be/gu9rnhmZ_ZU <<<<<<<< WATCH <<<<<<<


TIME TO FOR A NIGHT of pure entertainment, filmed live at the Living Room Lounge, BKP productions presents… Comedy latenight at its finest and hiphop provided by KOLIZION ENTs own KOMANE aka Komizzle, hosted by Brandon Killough

ENTWINED FLOW RECORDS artist Critikal C and his new affiliate and labelmate, OB da BEAST Go in and deliver a real special musical showcase. Introducing several new comedians on the scene , tryna make a name for themselves and make you laugh at the same time, this will be a must see for those looking for fresh talented faces.

So tune in , and get ready to laugh and vibe to some good music.. And if you get happy enough, feel free to donate to the movement (at the cashapp link above website)


WATCH HERE >>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/glxIE63Qmbg


The long awaited season of KOMIZZLE.tv is here now and ready to give KOLIZION fans the dose of entertainment that they’ve been looking for!! “

KOMANE aka KOMIZZLE has been on the grind for quite some time, and thankfully KOLIZION VISION films has always been right ther along the journey to highlight and visualize just some of the experiences in the night life of KOLIZION ENTERTAINMENT. Like we always said, its a movement and a lifestyle s

o we are definetly in it for the long haul. WIth all that being said , lets dive into some episodes of Komizzle.tv with the new season kicking off this summer ! But dont be afraid to back track and binge on all the previous adventures that introduce people like : STAKKTIVITY (HYDRO & AKKTIV) , my guy Pfunk, REMAIN, CO, KOLIZION , CIPH , The Animals, Full FLedge Ent and many others.. TUNE IN and Be sure to subscribe to the channel , Like, Share and COmment THANKS …. >>>>>>>>



2022 is a NEW YEAR.

KOLIZION ENT celebrates the 20th ANNIVERSARY of its Debut Release, KOLIZION : SPLIT DECIZION !!!!!

But thats later in the year, Right now Mr. KOMANE , as he is now called , is making grown music, trying out new sounds and creating more adult music for the female fans! Right on time early February, marks a ripe time to drop 2

@komizzle + 2 new songs …. Guaranteed to please the ladies!!!


BUN-B checks into LOUD CITY’ 

KOMIZZLE.tv ran into HTOWN legend, 1/2 of the group UGK

BUN-B is down to earth, and ready to get high in the clouds, as he visits one of the

best dispensaries in LOUD CITY…. Watch to find out what kinds of weed the OG favors, and just hang out with the lyrical veteran!



Its been a while since we seen OKC in the nightlife, but now that we are somewhat back outside we can check out some of the local artists making noise around the city….

Of course It wouldnt be KOMIZZLE.tv

IF OUR HOST KOMIZZLE didnt take you through a behind the scenes journey of the eventful night starting off with a quick session in none other but HEATLABS STUDIOS!!!!

CHECK OUT THE FOOTAGE HERE>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/d5qRvm2ogEU

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