New Visuals on the Way

The new Kolizion Vision films launches its summer campaign by highlighting archived videos and photos. The visuals will feature some of the performances by Komizzle, Kolizion and unseen interviews. The group Kolizion began recording in the early 2000s releasing their debut album. Although there is limited amount of unseen photos, real Kolizion fans that appreciate the rarity of these visuals, will have all access on our Instagram & Reverbnation page ( )

“We want to give our fans an exclusive look into the history and growth of our company ”   -Komane

The newly released photos will also give a bio of the artists Komane, Remain and throwbacks of the group Kolizion to reintroduce the talent and their upcoming project, showcasing the flame is still lit in the Kolizion camp. And with the growing reach and expansion through links with Player Tactics promotion, we can only hope to see more additions to the portfolio.

But for a more intimate approach to reaching fans, we want to send our biggest supporters authentic posters , flyers , signed pictures just for being involved with the movement. And we will be creating more videos for our YouTube channel, so go subscribe to Komane Komizzle channel online today…