Kolizion : Split Decizion album turns 20!


When the trio formed in the millennial years of y2k they didnt realize the impact that this project would have on the hiphop community or just the lives of others who listened to the masterpiece. Komane just leaving from a label called Gametight records formed the newly acquired Kolizion Ent… And the group Kolizion was the labels first acts. Consisting of 918 born and bred, Covelli or Co’d LIFe..who is actually cousin to komizzle.. Remain also known as Gutta was the third member. Also to be mentioned is Tbeats who was instrumental in shaping the production. Record boy studios was a staple recordimg spot who had musicians like Spyda and Tapwater and MD that molded this project into a instant classic. With songs like No question” and FOLD the group shows their lyrical dexterity that still stands the test of time. The title track Split Decizion goes hard as well! To learn more about the group and the story behind their lives and careers just go to the bio for more info..

This album was released on october 31 2002

And has sold over 20K units and physical copies