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TIME TO FOR A NIGHT of pure entertainment, filmed live at the Living Room Lounge, BKP productions presents… Comedy latenight at its finest and hiphop provided by KOLIZION ENTs own KOMANE aka Komizzle, hosted by Brandon Killough

ENTWINED FLOW RECORDS artist Critikal C and his new affiliate and labelmate, OB da BEAST Go in and deliver a real special musical showcase. Introducing several new comedians on the scene , tryna make a name for themselves and make you laugh at the same time, this will be a must see for those looking for fresh talented faces.

So tune in , and get ready to laugh and vibe to some good music.. And if you get happy enough, feel free to donate to the movement (at the cashapp link above website)


WATCH HERE >>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/glxIE63Qmbg


The long awaited season of KOMIZZLE.tv is here now and ready to give KOLIZION fans the dose of entertainment that they’ve been looking for!! “

KOMANE aka KOMIZZLE has been on the grind for quite some time, and thankfully KOLIZION VISION films has always been right ther along the journey to highlight and visualize just some of the experiences in the night life of KOLIZION ENTERTAINMENT. Like we always said, its a movement and a lifestyle s

o we are definetly in it for the long haul. WIth all that being said , lets dive into some episodes of Komizzle.tv with the new season kicking off this summer ! But dont be afraid to back track and binge on all the previous adventures that introduce people like : STAKKTIVITY (HYDRO & AKKTIV) , my guy Pfunk, REMAIN, CO, KOLIZION , CIPH , The Animals, Full FLedge Ent and many others.. TUNE IN and Be sure to subscribe to the channel , Like, Share and COmment THANKS …. >>>>>>>>



2022 is a NEW YEAR.

KOLIZION ENT celebrates the 20th ANNIVERSARY of its Debut Release, KOLIZION : SPLIT DECIZION !!!!!

But thats later in the year, Right now Mr. KOMANE , as he is now called , is making grown music, trying out new sounds and creating more adult music for the female fans! Right on time early February, marks a ripe time to drop 2

@komizzle + 2 new songs …. Guaranteed to please the ladies!!!


BUN-B checks into LOUD CITY’ 

KOMIZZLE.tv ran into HTOWN legend, 1/2 of the group UGK

BUN-B is down to earth, and ready to get high in the clouds, as he visits one of the

best dispensaries in LOUD CITY…. Watch to find out what kinds of weed the OG favors, and just hang out with the lyrical veteran!



Its been a while since we seen OKC in the nightlife, but now that we are somewhat back outside we can check out some of the local artists making noise around the city….

Of course It wouldnt be KOMIZZLE.tv

IF OUR HOST KOMIZZLE didnt take you through a behind the scenes journey of the eventful night starting off with a quick session in none other but HEATLABS STUDIOS!!!!

CHECK OUT THE FOOTAGE HERE>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/d5qRvm2ogEU

KOLIZION Quarterly (Fall 2021) 


Welcome to this edition of Kolizion ENt Quarterly highlighting the feats and ventures that we are into as a company

New release date for CASHFLOW 4 : INVISIBLE TRAIL 9/28

LOW SODIUM new single produced by Big DEW BEATS Available now online


KOLIZION shows and live performances coming to a city near you

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COVELLI on TIKTOK stay tuned to follow his page and live feeds #BLESSUP

New project with ENTWINED FLOW Records artist CRITIKAL C coming 2021 -2022

500K & Half a meal albums online and over 20,000 streams

check us out on Soundcloud Komane-komizzle


No stranger to the Yucatan , Komizzle pops up to kick his feet in the sand on the shores of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico…. The event starts at the Riviera Maya, since there was fortunately no encounters at the airport upon arrival ( like the 1st time i got there and was extorted out of $400 for my freedom, for weed) but that is another story.. <s/o G-Herbo>

So sunshine and good food on the resorts front,,, good drinks and plenty of activities in the many pools throughout the luxurious grounds… except for saraguasm , the slimy buildup against the beach preventing us to get near the actual ocean,,, but enough with the downs, lets get into the fun & games … Volleyball, football, waterpolo and poolside bars kept the family busy in Quintana Rios or however you say the city! Circus clowns, Juggling dancers, jumpropers were all apart of the experience for the kids.

Didnt get out to the city of Cancun this time, but last time was filled with patrons offering differing products and substances that were declined. And since I was stocked up with my own OOOwEEEE, there was no need to take part in the Mexican garbage that they be having… Plus we were rolling with the family so it was more safe and laidback at the AZUL beach spot……>>>>> The new song

Fun&GAMES is available on the HALFAMEAL project (500K) by #manefactor @komizzle

& produced by TRUNKBOi (Jay Boose) always bringing that heat and keeping it lit! S/o to DUTCH CARGO *** ForeverGreenEnt

SPOTIFY , Youtube , TiDAL

So go Play Fun & Games

Watch the new Vlog here::: https://youtu.be/_JwRSDakTuc

VeGas Anniversary Vlog 

“special day In the Vegas”

Kolizion Ent & Komizzle.TV presents a behind the scenes look into one special night;

Komizzle the artist, celebrated, in style , on one night in Vegas…  Luckily what happened in Vegas was able to be previewed, as Kolizion Ent takes fans behind the music , riding through the town, making toasts of champagne and just enjoying their baecation.

We were able to film performances from the various tracks from Komane’s album

#manefactor: NOW or NEVER  available online and in stores,

Always known to be a laidback MC, Komizzle just vibes out and relaxes on this trip!

check out the footage from the Luxe Getaway Travel vlog

KomizzleTV: JAMAICA 

The Irie Experience

Mr Komizzle aka International Player traveled to Montego Bay recently to partake in the herbal treatments, and soak in the beautiful Jamaican sun and vibes. What a better time to escape the snow that was going on the states, to jump into the blue waters, walk on the sand and taste the caribbean!!!! Well all that was nice but

@kolizionent / Kolizion Vision films/ Komizzle Tv / #manefactor

Began filming the experience starting with the blazing new track BEENEFICIAL” <available on Itunes> in one of the best island locations, puffing the island Strains, and chillin on the beach MON” Not only was the vibe irie, but KOMIZZLE celebrated Valentines, MArdi GRAs, and Ash Wednesday, which kind of gives a clue to the time of year.. No doubt was a party festive time! And the track MSP (makeSumPlans) featuring B-sharp captures that romantic vibe and beautiful views in Montego Bay, monuntains and ocean.. Be sure to listen to SAUCEDRIP the brand new smash thats sure to heat up the summer, and had all the Jamaican locals and party goers jammin to the bangin beat.

Look at the experience here >>>>>>

and go to Itunes : Komane aka komizzle


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