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KOLIZION Quarterly (Fall 2021) 


Welcome to this edition of Kolizion ENt Quarterly highlighting the feats and ventures that we are into as a company

New release date for CASHFLOW 4 : INVISIBLE TRAIL 9/28

LOW SODIUM new single produced by Big DEW BEATS Available now online


KOLIZION shows and live performances coming to a city near you

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COVELLI on TIKTOK stay tuned to follow his page and live feeds #BLESSUP

New project with ENTWINED FLOW Records artist CRITIKAL C coming 2021 -2022

500K & Half a meal albums online and over 20,000 streams

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No stranger to the Yucatan , Komizzle pops up to kick his feet in the sand on the shores of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico…. The event starts at the Riviera Maya, since there was fortunately no encounters at the airport upon arrival ( like the 1st time i got there and was extorted out of $400 for my freedom, for weed) but that is another story.. <s/o G-Herbo>

So sunshine and good food on the resorts front,,, good drinks and plenty of activities in the many pools throughout the luxurious grounds… except for saraguasm , the slimy buildup against the beach preventing us to get near the actual ocean,,, but enough with the downs, lets get into the fun & games … Volleyball, football, waterpolo and poolside bars kept the family busy in Quintana Rios or however you say the city! Circus clowns, Juggling dancers, jumpropers were all apart of the experience for the kids.

Didnt get out to the city of Cancun this time, but last time was filled with patrons offering differing products and substances that were declined. And since I was stocked up with my own OOOwEEEE, there was no need to take part in the Mexican garbage that they be having… Plus we were rolling with the family so it was more safe and laidback at the AZUL beach spot……>>>>> The new song

Fun&GAMES is available on the HALFAMEAL project (500K) by #manefactor @komizzle

& produced by TRUNKBOi (Jay Boose) always bringing that heat and keeping it lit! S/o to DUTCH CARGO *** ForeverGreenEnt

SPOTIFY , Youtube , TiDAL

So go Play Fun & Games

Watch the new Vlog here::: https://youtu.be/_JwRSDakTuc

VeGas Anniversary Vlog 

“special day In the Vegas”

Kolizion Ent & Komizzle.TV presents a behind the scenes look into one special night;

Komizzle the artist, celebrated, in style , on one night in Vegas…  Luckily what happened in Vegas was able to be previewed, as Kolizion Ent takes fans behind the music , riding through the town, making toasts of champagne and just enjoying their baecation.

We were able to film performances from the various tracks from Komane’s album

#manefactor: NOW or NEVER  available online and in stores,

Always known to be a laidback MC, Komizzle just vibes out and relaxes on this trip!

check out the footage from the Luxe Getaway Travel vlog

KomizzleTV: JAMAICA 

The Irie Experience

Mr Komizzle aka International Player traveled to Montego Bay recently to partake in the herbal treatments, and soak in the beautiful Jamaican sun and vibes. What a better time to escape the snow that was going on the states, to jump into the blue waters, walk on the sand and taste the caribbean!!!! Well all that was nice but

@kolizionent / Kolizion Vision films/ Komizzle Tv / #manefactor

Began filming the experience starting with the blazing new track BEENEFICIAL” <available on Itunes> in one of the best island locations, puffing the island Strains, and chillin on the beach MON” Not only was the vibe irie, but KOMIZZLE celebrated Valentines, MArdi GRAs, and Ash Wednesday, which kind of gives a clue to the time of year.. No doubt was a party festive time! And the track MSP (makeSumPlans) featuring B-sharp captures that romantic vibe and beautiful views in Montego Bay, monuntains and ocean.. Be sure to listen to SAUCEDRIP the brand new smash thats sure to heat up the summer, and had all the Jamaican locals and party goers jammin to the bangin beat.

Look at the experience here >>>>>>

and go to Itunes : Komane aka komizzle


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TO jump off 2021, Kolizion ENT in association with DENVER ROE and

Player Tactics Promotions, decided to hit the ground running, and really get out and touch the people… We all know that 2020 was a rough one, time goes on, we were isolated, quarantined -and now its time to get out and rock the crowd from a social distance, of course… Komane aka KOMIZZLE is one known to get up there and represent, MC and true spitter, he does just that on stage and every chance he gets to perform

“Dominate the region is my first goal” –

The tour starts off in Tulsa OKLAHOMA at the end of JANUARY and will hit cities like Dallas TEXAS, Little Rock, AR and we cant forget about KC MOand the Kansas shows.. So stay tuned for upcoming dates and find out when #manefactor will be rockin in a city near you

CASHFLOW #3 : NEWMONEYMIZZLE in stores and online

500K & HALF A MEAL albums in stores and online


500K is sent out by Komane 

Rose Minimalist Album Cover (1)“blazing that Oooweeee (which is the urban anthem by Kolizion, and also a name synonymous with fire cannabis) ”

Mr.Komizzle comes down with a microphone in one hand and a stack of extra crispy$100 a($2 bills) puffing at the Heatlabs studios, the home of fellow artists and affiliates – remain. dutchCargo. DraeGwalla. Bsharp. GeeLxO . And all the other dope MCs featured on the project called 500K

Not simply a money amount,but a movement in that Komane is serving up high powered concepts, collaboration with dope lyricists. Coming off the success and speed of QuarterMeal (also available on iTunes) @komizzle keeps the ball rolling forward with selection of great records. To name a few Peace’ showcases the MCs delivery and subtle expression produced by TrunkBoy (also 4me, Fun & games,) other production and bangers were handled by none other than TBeats and Twan the Hitmaker..

Be sure to go save the album to your playlist

To pre-order 500K https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/komaneakakomizzle/500k

Or listen to releases tracks on YouTube

Oooweeee feat Kolizion


Charged Up ,

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Colombian Pablo Escobar was hailed in the 1980’s as one of the largest kingpins in the world.  At the height of his empire, the net worth of the corporation was over billions of dollars and he controlled the supply in North America.

Komane aka Komizzle highlights the lyrical connection to the Medellin figure, not to glorify traffics out the large numbers and shipments involved in the culture, starting from the ground up and becoming a empire.  Jet planes, fancy cars houses and large houses and operations are materialized and sometimes motives for ambition…. Listen to the lifestyle …..

Escobar in '83

Listen on SOundcloud to the track >>>> https://soundcloud.com/lonnell-campbell-


<Stayed tuned and download the track>

Be sure to add this to your SPOTIFY   ITUNES   TIDAL   playlist       this summer

#MANEFACTOR               ESCOBaR IN ’83





CHINA: (made in china) COVID 

Its been reported and nowK O L I Z I O Nconfirmed by Presisdent Donald Trump that the deadly pandemic called COVID-19 was manufactured and imported from China. And it is no secret that the area has been associated with viruses and global pandemics before, that is why the rap group KOLIZION had to speak on this worldwide issue.

The group which consists of artists Komizzle, Remain, & Covelli actually havent recorded since earlier in the game, but are solidified seasoned spitters who took this opportunity to present a urgent and much needed message. (Not to be taken as a political group because anybody who knows this crew they are far from politically correct)  Co, who is currently fighting a life sentence chimes in to give his perspective on the lockdown situation and comparisons to the state of well being and social distancing.

KOMANe, who has always been an avid intellect kicks knowledge about whats going on, while REMAIN and newcomer GEE LO,

Its the topic of discussion on every news station , flooding the airwaves

….So stay woke and pay attention,  stay safe !!!!!

Oh yea preview the track here….      http://www.kolizionEnt.com

Search China by Komane or Kolizion

Or go to the Youtube page to listen … Spotify and apple will be hosting ChINA

But for a nonprofit donation based fund to support the KolizionEnt movement against safety and health….. #woke




#MIAMI & #manefactor 

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl in Miami was alot of fun, with the celebrities and athletes and entertainers all gathered in one place to celebrate “the BIG GAme”.

So this year, Komizzle and crew went to sunny 305 (which happened to be colder than normal) to “turn up” and explore the terrain so to speak.  From Dj Khaled’s Finga Lickin’ to Trick Daddy’s Sundays Eatery, Miami definetly has some spots to check out to get your grub on.

Check out the new vlog on youtube and subscribe to komane’s page


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