No stranger to the Yucatan , Komizzle pops up to kick his feet in the sand on the shores of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico…. The event starts at the Riviera Maya, since there was fortunately no encounters at the airport upon arrival ( like the 1st time i got there and was extorted out of $400 for my freedom, for weed) but that is another story.. <s/o G-Herbo>

So sunshine and good food on the resorts front,,, good drinks and plenty of activities in the many pools throughout the luxurious grounds… except for saraguasm , the slimy buildup against the beach preventing us to get near the actual ocean,,, but enough with the downs, lets get into the fun & games … Volleyball, football, waterpolo and poolside bars kept the family busy in Quintana Rios or however you say the city! Circus clowns, Juggling dancers, jumpropers were all apart of the experience for the kids.

Didnt get out to the city of Cancun this time, but last time was filled with patrons offering differing products and substances that were declined. And since I was stocked up with my own OOOwEEEE, there was no need to take part in the Mexican garbage that they be having… Plus we were rolling with the family so it was more safe and laidback at the AZUL beach spot……>>>>> The new song

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