CHINA: (made in china) COVID

Its been reported and nowK O L I Z I O Nconfirmed by Presisdent Donald Trump that the deadly pandemic called COVID-19 was manufactured and imported from China. And it is no secret that the area has been associated with viruses and global pandemics before, that is why the rap group KOLIZION had to speak on this worldwide issue.

The group which consists of artists Komizzle, Remain, & Covelli actually havent recorded since earlier in the game, but are solidified seasoned spitters who took this opportunity to present a urgent and much needed message. (Not to be taken as a political group because anybody who knows this crew they are far from politically correct)  Co, who is currently fighting a life sentence chimes in to give his perspective on the lockdown situation and comparisons to the state of well being and social distancing.

KOMANe, who has always been an avid intellect kicks knowledge about whats going on, while REMAIN and newcomer GEE LO,

Its the topic of discussion on every news station , flooding the airwaves

….So stay woke and pay attention,  stay safe !!!!!

Oh yea preview the track here….

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Or go to the Youtube page to listen … Spotify and apple will be hosting ChINA

But for a nonprofit donation based fund to support the KolizionEnt movement against safety and health….. #woke